Otto Rich

Right now, I have to write about myself something intriguing and laudatory. In the third person. As if it wasn’t me who did it, but Will Shakespeare or Oprah Winfrey. Sorry, friends. Not in this life. Not in the next rebirth. Not me.


Otto Rich Books


A person is given a lot by the right of birth. Heaven will always give to a worthy man Love and Friendship. It will reward anyone who’s brave and honest, with Good luck.

Happiness #1

Paola, who lived all her 34 years in boredom and poverty, has one passion, chemistry. Once she came up with a new drug. So amazing one that Paola called him “Happiness # 1”


Life of Linda Westra turns into hell in one day. In the middle of the night, the phone call wakes her up. Her uncle, whom she hadn’t seen since childhood, painfully dies on a hospital bed and begs her to come.

To each of my stories, a present is attached. I would say “bonus”, but this word comes from a supermarket and can offend the Higher Forces. It’s free because I get it along with a fairy tale.

I would hide it (I love to do surprises), but the Order of Things obliges me to inform about this everyone who’s about to open a book.

I do this in a Runic script, not in English.

You’ll consider me a psycho not for long. Until your first time. What is promised happens to everyone. Heaven doesn’t make exceptions.

Tell me anything you want.

Sometimes every person wants just to speak out. To spill out of his heart what he got tired to hide from the world.

I’m neither a guru nor a confessor. You know what I am. Moreover, I don’t promise I’ll answer. Not out of arrogance, of course. I can dive too deep into a new book or be on the road at this moment.

Then other people will answer you. Some of them are wiser and more experienced than me.

Maybe your words won’t need an answer. It sometimes happens, too.

It doesn’t matter. If you want to say something and if it can make you feel any better speak out without the slightest doubt.

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