Happiness #1

Paola, who lived all her 34 years in boredom and poverty, has one passion, chemistry.

Once she came up with a new drug. So amazing one that Paola called him “Happiness # 1” All he wants to do is sell his invention to the criminal world for a lot of money. She does not understand this by doing this, she signs the death sentence.

The young woman was saved from imminent death by a mysterious homeless man named American Hero. In fact, it’s a retired colonel of the U.S. army Dan Mitchell. He has his own secret, his own pain, a very special relationship with God. Mitchell, for some time parting with the sight of the homeless (this is his own choice), hides the girl in his house, which stood empty for years.

Under the roof of this house, Paul becomes a different person for a month. She understands that “happiness number 1” is not in the piece of the chemical. It’s hidden in the simplest things available to everyone. Like kindness, devotion, care, and trust.

In one of the Amazon reviews Otto Rich was called «the first writer of the awakened generation». Perhaps he’s not the first and only person on the Earth who has learned to look at the world with clarity and brave friendliness. Then who has taught him so well the craft of encrypting the invisible runes into the swift plots of exciting modern stories? Someone did it. Otherwise, it’s impossible to explain why the aftertaste of Otto’s novels doesn’t leave the reader for such a long time.

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