It’s me, Otto. Pictures


There are many spots and dashed on my body. It’s a memory of my travels and little adventures. One funny gypsy girl even tried to use them for fortune telling. )) They are hardly noticeable, my abrasions heal quickly. It’s good that I made a shot this scratch several years ago. Because now there isn’t even a speck left of it, and this is the only wound I’m a little proud of.

No matter how arrogant I can look, don’t consider me arrogant. There’s not
a single drop of snobbery in me. This concerns another thing as well. None
of my utterances is a teaching. At least because it’s not my wisdom. The
Universe periodically sends me awareness. To pronounce it confidently
and loudly isn’t a privilege, but a joyous duty.

In Africa, all animals seem predators. Giraffe, hyena, lizard, and lioness emanate the same vibrations of vigilant anger.

I just look relaxed. To be honest, I pretend to be carefree.

But local shamans so confidently talk to the Universe, as if they make a phone call to a long-time friend.

Forget any doubts. Think only of the goal. This makes a miss impossible. Try it yourself, I didn’t believe the first time either. Things like this need to be felt, not heard.

My wife loves when I shave the skull. My daughter requires me to be long-
haired, as it should be a true rider of the North. I have to change the image.
It takes 7 minutes.
I gave to my daughter the name of the woman I love, who gave birth to her. One day someone told me that this was a bad omen. )) What a bullshit! He who believes in God can’t be superstitious. The Heaven sends Signs, but it’s completely different.
I knew from an early age that I would never be a family man. My Way is incompatible with such cozy joys like this.

Then this girl appeared and decided that I was wrong.

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