It’s me, Otto


The main things about me my books will tell you. However, we are often interested in knowing about each other different everyday trivia. I don’t mind. I have no secrets I am ashamed of.

In addition, some people will call me soon sorcerer and a warlock. Because that’s the way it is (we’ll talk about this later).

It’s better to show immediately that I, the sorcerer Otto, don’t steal neighbors’ children to eat them.

I don’t eat meat.


I like:

  • live fire, candles, bonfires
  • motorbikes
  • starry Sky
  • skydiving
  • to swim in the night ocean
  • cars with a manual transmission
  • horse riding
  • to spend the night in the forest
  • intuitive archery
  • honey
  • my wife, my daughter and a red cat with a bizarre name Red
  • my friend Henry
  • to laugh so that the abdominal muscles begin to ache
  • silver
  • mechanical watches
  • cigars
  • matches
  • free fight (in the title “martial arts” sounds a note of snobbery and falsehood)
  • courageous and kind people
  • large wooden houses with fireplaces
  • meetings with interesting and mysterious strangers
  • sharp as a razor, weapons
  • books, music, and canvases that make me wiser and happier

I surely forgot something. It doesn’t matter. I can add what I remember any


Many of my readers understand my stories better than me. It doesn't upset
me at all. This is the top thing a writer can reach. (Rich can reach!))

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