Life of Linda Westra turns into hell in one day. In the middle of the night, the phone call wakes her up. Her uncle, whom she hadn’t seen since childhood, painfully dies on a hospital bed and begs her to come. He mysteriously speaks of a terrible secret, which he must not take with him to the grave. Linda doesn’t believe him and regrets that she picked up the phone.

Next days she goes to the hospital. But her uncle has already died. Linda’s misgivings begin to come true instantly. Her best friend is killed. Right after that someone begins a merciless hunting on herself. The most terrible thing about this story is that Linda has no idea why anyone needs it.

To survive, she has to solve this puzzle. The young lawyer Julian Pierce and Colonel Mitchell help the woman. Both show the miracles of courage in order to see the true reason behind the confusion of facts and cruel crimes (from Columbus and German Nazis to the present day).

A prank?


An ominous shadow of a worldwide conspiracy?

Whatever it is, it does not make things less bloodthirsty.

Those who have already read Otto Rich’s books know that behind their fascinating and touching stories something huge and profound is always hidden. It is difficult to find a name for this «something», but one can’t help feeling how this makes the heart sweetly beating.

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