The patches of the thoughts


I also sometimes feel the desire to throw into the world a scrap of thought arose in my head. It doesn’t happen often. But sometimes it happens. These flaps will be in this envelope…

You can read them.

You can comment on them.

You can also ignore them.

Decide for yourself.

Take what you can come in handy.

I’m not going to sew a quilt out of them.


Lying makes a person weak. In the direct meaning of the word. No magic.

No conspiracy. Conclusions of modern bioenergetics.


The phrase “I believe in God” sounds strange. We can believe or not believe a neighbor who lent a hundred bucks and promised to give it back on Friday.

We feel God. This is a completely different feeling, full of meaning and happiness. Among other things, when you feel God, you immediately understand whether the neighbor will return the debt on Friday, as he promised.

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